Being rich isn't about having money.
Being rich is about having options. ~ Chris Rock

Welcome to the Joyfully Jobless Weekend. I'm Barbara Winter and am excited to be collaborating on these upcoming events.

For over a decade I zipped around the country sharing my best ideas for making a living without a job with people who were ready for a change. Most of the curious (and sometimes skeptical) participants who showed up had followed the career advice about getting a good job.

They’d done what what their parents, teachers and guidance counselors had told them they needed to do to find a career. While this advice may have kept them solvent, it didn’t keep them satisfied.

Many of my students told me they wanted to travel. Explore. Live an interesting life. None of this was happening with their current job...or any of their previous jobs.

They were stumped. They were often misunderstood by their family and friends who insisted they cling to what they had.

But what they had wasn’t working for them—and they were quietly (and often secretly) looking for options.

I know all about the frustration of working at something that is less interesting, less challenging, less creative, less than you deserve. After doing my best to follow the conventional career advice, I decided to follow my heart and create my own livelihood.

That life-changing decision happened for me in 1974 and I’ve been Joyfully Jobless ever since. From the moment I quietly started down this new path, I committed to making my business my laboratory. I would pay attention, learn valuable lessons and pass them along to anyone and everyone who wanted to create their own exploration.

What I didn’t anticipate was how much easier it was going to become to set out on your own. For starters, every day more and more people are opting in to the Joyfully Jobless Journey. We have more tools, resources and options than ever before.

Maybe you’re just beginning to wonder if you could ditch your job and join the ranks of the successfully self-employed. Perhaps you already have a great idea that refuses to leave you alone, but you’re not sure how to bring it to life. Or you might have already launched your first—or fourth—business and are ready to gather some new ideas.

That's Where the Joyfully Jobless Weekend Comes In

Join me and other entrepreneurial explorers for Small, Sassy & Successful and you’ll leave with a toolbox full of ideas, information and inspiration that you can put to work immediately—and for long as you continue to build your business. We’ll head out on Friday evening, then pick up again on Saturday for a day of creative exploration.

Reserve the date.

Ajijic, Mexico, April 20th & 21st

Seattle, WA May 4th & 5th

Houston, TX June 1st & 2nd

Weekend Adventures

For everyone who has dreamed of being their own boss,
as well as for those who are out of work,
soon to be out of work,
or wishing they were out of work.