I just really wanted to say that you have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and go after my dreams and really become joyfully jobless as I’ve been so incredibly frustrated by my day job! ~ Nicla Williams, United Kingdom

Barbara Winter is a gold mine of encouragement and wisdom for the freelancer. ~ Jane Ingalls, Maryland

Starting my own business is the greatest thing I’ve ever done for myself. I’ve learned more about myself and what I’m capable of in the last year than I have in the last ten combined. I feel at peace with myself for the first time since I was a kid. It’s amazing. ~ John Pompeo, Pennsylvania

I have attended various seminars on wealth, personal development, making a fortune in real estate, this that and the other thing. None can compare to the three hours I spent with you. ~ Gail M. Ferris, Nevada

Once upon a time in a dark lifeless cubicle, you inspired me to create a different life. May all the good that you brought to me be visited back upon you tenfold.~ Carolyn Grimm, Maine

I am an artist and I was withering in the corporate world. I needed someone like you to encourage me as much as I needed air to breathe. I was drowning in a sea of confusion and doubt and you have pulled me up, given me a hug and told me that my ideas aren’t crazy, that it can be done. The straight jacket has been removed from my creative spirit. ~ Kate Taylor, Minnesota

When I went to your seminar, I was really beginning to wonder why I took the plunge into self-employment. I don’t wonder anymore. It feels good to be in control of my own destiny and to live with purpose. I appreciate your help on this journey of discovery. ~ Paul Heller, California

I just wanted to say thank you for your seminars. I signed up with the intention of “If I learn even one thing from it, I’m better off,” but I learned a whole lot more than that. ~ Selina Rainville, British Columbia

Although I’ve read lots of books on creativity and personal development, attending a workshop was new for me until I came to yours in London. The power of seeing and experiencing living, breathing examples of where I want to be—along with meeting people also on the journey—was invaluable. The biggest thing I gained was a feeling of possibility. I am making it a priority to keep that feeling alive.

Thank you for pointing me onto a positive path. ~ Amy Pask, United Kingdom

I spent yesterday organizing the stack of ideas generated by the workshop into things I can do NOW, things that will be “midrange” for time, and things that will be longterm (because they need more capital). Got my calendar for the next couple of weeks set up for the NOW stuff! Then spent an hour this morning out by myself working on my photography. ~ Shannon Hill, Houston participant

Thank you, Barbara, for a fantastic Joyfully Jobless Weekend in Houston, TX. The event was filled with encouragement and helpful, practical tips, insights and information about living a joy-filled life. The wattage above my head increased exponentially with each segment of the workshop. I came away bursting with energy, ideas, enthusiasm and hope that I can successfully create and live the life I choose and knowing some new friends who will enthusiastically support me in this endeavor! ~ Jean Morehouse

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