Meet the Collaborators

Rasheed Hooda

Rasheed Hooda is a Jack of Many Trades, and Master of Some.

He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, with four-plus decades of Public Speaking under his belt.

He is a Master Balloon Twister, entertaining kids of all ages from 3 to 93.

He is a Photographer, Mastering in Nature Photography that is turned into canvas prints.

His latest profit center, currently taking form, is as a writer on, a platform where people subscribe to read high-quality content without annoying pop-ups or advertisements.

He’s climbed mountains, walked cross-country, and intends to conquer Mount Everest on his 75th birthday.

Lisa Santa Barbara

Lisa is a licensed massage therapist practicing since 2001, she became a certified Life Coach in 2013 through iPEC Coaching Program including Energy Leadership™. She continually educates herself in opportunities to learn and grow. Lisa is a passionate ‘change agent’ supporting others in times of transitions when change is required in redefining yourself. Lisa is committed and dedicated to supporting others with processing emotions, gaining empowerment and self-mastery.

Lisa is honored in helping Barbara Winter facilitate her Joyfully Jobless Weekend in Bucks County. A weekend full of enthusiasm and inspired action, moving you to Joyfully Jobless. A weekend event you won’t want to miss!

Sally Evans

Sally Evans is an Artist and Creativity Guide

She paints floral, landscape, and abstracts inspired by peaceful moments in nature.

Sally helps women over 40 to reduce stress by tapping into their inner artist and having fun with her creativity workshops. Her latest adventure is creating an online course called Pattern Play. It is a course designed to help you relax and be more creative with mindful drawing. You can find her at

Nancy West

Nancy will soon turn 80 years old and have been Joyfully Jobless for 30 years. She expected her life to follow along in a very normal fashion….marriage, children, home, job, security.  After a divorce and a move to Minneapolis the Universe took over and her life took a different path. Nancy left a real job and started a cleaning business, which soon evolved into an organizing business called Ducks in a Row.  Ducks is now further evolving to include the development of end-of-life-resources. Being Joyfully Jobless allowed her the flexibility to care for those who needed me, whether it be across the city or across the country.

Barbara inspired Nancy 30 years ago. She is delighted to host the weekend for those who are already Joyfully Jobless and for those who are looking to take the Joyfully Jobless leap.

Patricia Anderson

I first participated in a Joyfully Jobless Weekend after I’d moved to Seattle 15 years ago, and was looking to relaunch myself at the age of 55. Barbara gave me the inspiration and the tools to create my own business and to develop multiple income streams that support my passions. Since that fateful JJ Weekend, I’ve written several books, created an online training company for early childhood teachers and parents, and thoroughly enjoyed working from home, doing what I love all day long.

Maybe you’re wondering how to get started at being your own boss, monetizing a hobby, or just discovering what’s possible. Get the answers and be inspired at our Joyfully Jobless Weekend in Seattle this March. Think of the possibilities!

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